Pedigree Agility Joy absolutely nice – Nice –


Agility Joy U.K. Levis
Red Point
Beesting Flibbity Gibbet with FloraunaBeesting The Little WigginerBeesting Warrior
Reakasso Fantasma in Beesting
Llanrose Alisons LadyBeesting Twiglette
Pennygate Meg´s Scruf´n Heir at Llanrose
Agility Joy Classic TouchChartropp Blue KestrelClan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Charttop May Queen
Head over Heels Agility JoyKliff aus dem Hause Kriese
Mobella Going Dutch
Agility Joy Kiss Me KateRancolie Forever LuckyClan-Abby Blue AberdooneAberdeenboy of Clan-Abby
Clan-Abby Lorna-Doon
Dykebar Pandemonium Brooksbid Country Classic
Altricia Pandora at Dykebar
Gael of HelenenhofWhiff of HelenenhofIngledene Country Gent
Passim´s Dancer
Uljana of HelenenhofAlf of Helenenhof
Queen of Helenenhof

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