Silque ZensationCaristan Moet ChandonMiraje The Storm LordWizaland Loves Casanova
Loracion Black Velvet
Caristan CointeauWizaland Newz Speculation at Mobella
Caristan Forever Amber
Sheltysham Shady LadyClan-Abby Blue AberdooneAberdeenboy of Clan-Abby
Clan-Abby Lorna-Doon
Detania Dollybird at SheltyshamLethans Hopeful Flame
Detania Giglet
Head over Heels Agility JoyKliff aus dem Hause KrieseBeesting CorneliusMelodor Ben
Ellencliffe Moth
Bessy aus dem Hause KrieseDon
Haidja von der Boelerheide
Mobella Going DutchMobella Midnight CowboyTally of Mobella
Falconmoor Highland Fling at Mobella
Viber Aiming High at MobellaCluff of Mobella
Sacul Highland Mist from Corinlea

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